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Disney Lorcana Season 4 Round 1 (Ursula's Return)

Season 4 of our Disney Lorcana League Kicks Off 5/25/2024 at 6:30 PM!

What Do You Get for Playing in the League?

Disney Lorcana League is a weekly casual event where players can enjoy games, trade, and discuss all things Disney & Lorcana. The entry fee is $5, or you can join by purchasing $10+ in sealed Lorcana products (if available).

Sign-Up Bonus:When you sign up, you’ll receive a Hidden Inkcaster promo card.

League Structure

  • Rounds and Seasons: A round consists of 4 weeks, and a season is composed of 3 rounds (12 weeks total).

  • Points System: Earn points for playing and completing specific tasks. Points are used in two ways:

  1. League Point Tally: Your points contribute to your overall league tally.

  2. Store Credit: Use points as store credit. Core Support members can store points in their accounts; others must use them before leaving each night.

Note: Spending your points as store credit does not affect your tally for winning prizes.

Prizes and Rewards

  • End of Each Round (4 weeks):

  • Most Points: The round winner selects TWO different promo cards and ONE pin from the league’s promos. In case of a tie, a winner is randomly selected.

  • At Least 8 Points: Participants with at least 8 points receive a random promo card. Additionally, 3 more pins will be randomly given out among these participants.

  • End of the Season (12 weeks):

  • Lore Counters: Awarded to the top six participants with the most points.

  • Disney Lorcana Logo Pins: Randomly given to participants with at least 18 total points.

  • Alice – Tea Alchemist Deck Box: Randomly awarded to participants with at least 24 total points.

Ursula's Return Point Sheet

Ursula's Return Set Championship

Date: Tentatively set for July 20th at 6:30 PM (subject to change).

  • Event Details: Replaces that night’s Lorcana League. Each participant earns 5 points for playing, along with promos and playmats provided by Ravensburger.

  • Registration Requirement: You must participate in at least 6 league nights to register for this championship event.

Join us for an exciting season filled with fun, trading, and fantastic prizes! See you there!

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