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Disney Lorcana League Changes: Round 2 (Floodborn Box Giveaway!)

Big Shout-Out to Round 1 Winners

First and foremost, a huge shout-out to Jonathan Love and Robert French for accruing the most points during Round 1 of our Lorcana League!

Changes for Round 2 Starting September 30th

As we move on to Round 2, which starts on September 30th, we'll be implementing some changes based on your feedback to improve our weekly events.

Updated Point System

No more bonus points: We've observed that while bonus points added an element of fun for some, they became a distracting focal point for others. As a result, we're discontinuing bonus points starting with Round 2. Here's the new weekly point system:

  • Sign Up: 2 Points

  • Win a Best-of-3 Match OR Pod: 3 Points

  • Lose a Best-of-3 Match OR Pod: 2 Points

  • Teach Someone Lorcana: 2 Points

  • Bring a Friend: 2 Points

  • Wear Your Favorite Animated Disney Character: 1 Point

Each of these point categories is valid once per night. Make sure to let a staff member know when you've achieved one. Note: For "Teach Someone" and "Bring a Friend," the individual cannot be someone who is already a part of the current season, and you can't teach someone who already knows how to play.

Promo Requirements

For Round 1, we followed the most basic recommendations provided by Ravensburger. After assessing the first round, we'll be making some adjustments, although the season rewards will remain unchanged.

At the End of the Round (4 Weeks):

  • Most Points: The participant with the most points will choose between two promos: Mickey Mouse - Detective or HeiHei - Boat Snack, and Yzma - Alchemist. They will also choose one pin from either Scar — Fiery Usurper or Ariel — Whosit Collector. In case of a tie, a player among them will be randomly selected.

  • At Least 8 Points: Participants who've earned at least 8 points will receive a random promo.

  • At Least 10 Points: Three pins will be randomly distributed among participants who've earned at least 10 points.

Floodborn Giveaway

Disney Lorcana's next set, "Rise of the Floodborn," releases on November 17th! We'll be randomly giving away a booster box among participants who gain at least 16 points in Round 2

  • 12 Participants: If at least 12 participants reach the 16-point threshold, we'll give away two boxes!

  • 18 Participants: If at least 18 participants reach the 16-point threshold, we'll give away three boxes!

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