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Cyber Weekend Sale Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

In lieu of our planned Small Business Saturday sale (& early access Black Friday sale) because of the hardship our store faced, we will be having an online sale. I am going to do my best to outline what to expect below.

Lorcana Booster Packs @ $5.49 a piece!

Throughout each day, we will be releasing a random number of packs through our website for in-store pickup orders. These will only be available for pickup at our store, not shipping! You must come to our store to pickup any order of Lorcana. We will not be shipping Lorcana packs. The packs will be listed on our main store website @ $19.99 and you will need to use the coupon code "lorcana2023" at checkout to knock off $14.50 per pack. We will randomly restock these throughout the weekend without alerting anyone. So make sure to check back often. However please note, the coupon code will only work once per customer and please do not pay $19.99 per pack, while we will sale them to you for that, we highly recommend against that, and we cannot issue refunds or fix the sales after the fact. You will be able to pickup your order next Tuesday. The direct URL for the booster packs is

Magic the Gathering Single Sales

At (or right around) 12 AM on Friday 11/24/23 the following prices will go into effect on our singles store located @

No coupon code needed, these prices will be updated automatically around midnight. (est)

  • MTG cards priced @ $9.99 and below will be cut in half

  • MTG cards priced between $10 and $99.99 will be knocked down 30%

In-store pickup orders will not be available until next Tuesday.

Shipping orders should ship out this Friday or Saturday.

30% off Video Games Sale

Through our main online store use the coupon code "game2023" starting on 11/24/23 and any games in your cart will be reduced by 30%. Any pickup orders will In-store pickup orders OR Local Delivery orders will not be available until next Tuesday.

Shipping orders should ship out this Friday or Saturday.

All coupons will only work once per customer. And will not work until 11/24/23.

Please Note: As we're recovering from the break-in, our response times might be slower than usual. We won't be able to offer refunds, cancellations, or modifications for orders during this sale. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.

We're doing our best to bring you great deals despite the circumstances. Thank you for your continued support and understanding. Let’s make the most of this extended Cyber Sale!

Happy Holidays from your friends at Curiosity Video Games & More! ❤️

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