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Commander Nights September 2022

Dominaria United is officially upon us, and with it brings new effects, new multipliers, and new ways to earn points. Below we will try to go over everything and cannot wait to see what you bring to the table, but first a couple of reminders.

As most know, we started allowing only first place of each pod to get their special points at the end of a game, but in addition to that we also added the stipulation that whoever got the most points would also receive their special points. (This allows for two different methods to rack up points).

Starting on September 10th, all Dominaria United commanders will earn you a 1.5 multiplier to your points.

September 10th - Enlisted

Plane: Dominaria

Emblem: Enlist

Effect: "Creatures you control without Enlist have Enlist (As this creature attacks, you may tap a nonattacking creature you control without summoning sickness. When you do, add its power to this creature's until end of turn.)"

Enlist represents an optional cost to attack. As you attack with a creature with enlist, you can tap a different untapped creature you control that isn't attacking. That creature—the enlisted creature—can't have "summoning sickness," meaning it's been under your control since your turn began or it has haste. This doesn't necessarily mean that the enlisted creature could have attacked. Creatures with defender or ones enchanted with Auras like Pacifism are wonderful creatures to enlist. You can't enlist a creature that's attacking, even if it's untapped because of vigilance.

When you enlist a creature, the attacking creature that has the enlist ability gets +X/+0 until end of turn, where X is the power of the enlisted creature. This bonus is calculated as this triggered ability resolves. If the enlisted creature isn't on the battlefield at that time, use its power from when it was last on the battlefield. Once the ability resolves, the +X/+0 is locked in. Changing the power of the enlisted creature or removing it from the battlefield won't affect the creature with enlist.

September 17th - Defiled Mana

Plane: Dominaria

Emblem: Defiled Mana

Effect: "Spells you cast with converted mana value 4 or less cost an additional {2} OR 4 life to cast.

As an additional cost to cast spells with a mana value 5 or greater, you may pay 2 life up to 2 times. Those spells cost {1} less to cast for each 2 life paid this way. This effect reduces only the amount of colorless mana you pay."

Go ahead and cast that 7 mana spell for 5 and 4 life, that counterspell the blue player is holding up is going to hurt.

September 24th - Worlds Collide

Plane: Curiosity

Emblem: Worlds Collide

Effect: "You may have a planeswalker as your commander from Dominaria United, and You may have two commanders if each is a legendary creature or planeswalker card that represents the

same character as long as one is from Dominaria United. (e.g. Squee, Dubious Monarch and Squee, Goblin Nabob or Squee, the Immortal.)"

No, Braids Cabal Minion still isn't legal, sorry.

The Points

Speed Read: Trigger a Saga’s final chapter the same turn it enters the battlefield.

Getting a Kick out of This: Kick five or more cards in a single game.

Phyrexian Sleeper Agent: Deal combat damage to another player with a Phyrexian creature.

Mana Defiler: Pay a total of 10 or more life instead of mana during a single game.

Enlisted Aid: Control a creature that’s total power is at least 10 greater than its base power.

Sarpadian Emperor: Control ten or more 1/1 creature tokens at the same time.

Immortal: Knockout another player while your life total is 100 or greater, or while an effect says that you can’t lose the game.

Historic Moment: Cast an artifact spell, a Saga spell, and a legendary spell during a single turn.

Living Legends: Control nine or more legendary creatures at the same time.

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