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Commander Nights Return with a Bang at Curiosity!

📅 Mark Your Calendars! Starting this Saturday, 1/13/24, at 6:30 PM, Commander Nights are making a grand comeback at Curiosity! Get ready for a thrilling season filled with new ways to earn points, exclusive promo packs, and some fun, yet tame, global effects.

🔍 Here's What You Need to Know:

Entry Fee: Join the fun for just $5, or get free entry with a purchase of $10+ in sealed Magic product.

Points System: Say goodbye to guaranteed points! Now, your skill and strategy determine your earnings. Remember, zero points is a possibility, so bring your A-game!

In-Store Rewards: Earn in-store points where 1 point = $1 in store currency. Achieve this through various activities like first blood, casting your commander, and more.

Commander Nights Season: Each season, aligning with new Standard set releases, brings its own set of unique achievements, offering extra points and special promo packs. However, we'd like to acknowledge that the current Ixalan season, unfortunately, has a shorter run due to our event's kickoff timing. With only 3 Commander Nights left in this season, we understand this might be a bit rushed for our players, and we apologize for the limited timeframe. Rest assured, we're gearing up for a full, exciting season with the upcoming Murders at Karlov Commander Nights starting in February.

🚀 Upcoming Events:

  • Lost Caverns of Ixalan Commander Nights: January 13th, 20th, and 27th.

  • Murders at Karlov Commander Nights: Starting in February (specific dates to be announced).

🎉 Special Nights:

  • Two-Headed Giant Prerelease: Replaces Commander Night following a Standard Prerelease.

  • Commander Parties: Free events with promos, held occasionally in place of Commander Night.

📜 Your Point Sheet: Each player gets a sheet to track nightly and seasonal achievements. Don't forget to collect it at the start and return it to the counter at the end of the night. Lost your sheet? You'll have to start over, so keep it safe!

🌟 Nightly Effect: For Ixalan, one global effect spices up the game. Stay tuned for multiple rotating effects in the Murders at Karlov season.

👥 Bring a Friend: Introduce a friend to the magic of Commander Nights and earn special promos plus 10 bonus points if they play for 3 consecutive nights. (Applies to new players or those returning after a 6-month hiatus).

📢 Stay Informed: Have questions or need clarification? Reach out to us anytime! We're here to ensure your Commander Nights experience is nothing short of amazing. Here is a look at the current Lost Caverns of Ixalan point sheet

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