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Commander Nights 6/24/23: Sauron's Siege

1.2 Multiplier: Use a commander from March of the Machines, March of the Machines Aftermath, or Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth.

Global Effect - Sauron's Siege: Embodying the overwhelming might of Sauron's forces, at the beginning of each player's end step, if they tapped three or more lands this turn, they amass Orcs 2. Orc Armies have "This creature must attack each turn if able". This represents the relentless force of Sauron's armies spreading across Middle-earth.

Interesting ruling: "Amass" if you amass a zombie or orc army, you only have one army, you add the counters to your one army and it just gains the other creature type in addition to it's original. You can't have both a zombie and an orc army separately.

Special Points:

  1. Elven Wisdom: Cast two or more spells in a single turn. (+1 Limit: 3)

  2. Hobbit's Bravery: Destroy or deal damage to an opponent's creature during their turn. (+1 Limit: 3)

  3. Human Strength: Attack with five or more creatures in a single turn. (+1 Limit: 3)

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