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Commander Nights: 5/27/2023 : Echoes of the Aftermath

New to Commander Nights?

(If you're a regular, feel free to skip ahead.)

Every Saturday at 6:30 PM (barring other events such as prereleases), Curiosity hosts our unique "Commander Nights". Often mistaken for a "Commander League", this is a casual evening dedicated to playing Commander with an emphasis on fostering diverse and evolving playstyles.

Choose your own group or let us help you find like-minded players. A modest $5 entry fee can be waived with a qualifying purchase of $5 or more. During the game, players earn points for various actions - drawing first blood, casting your commander, and more. Want an extra challenge? Play a commander from the most recent sets (currently Phyrexia All Will Be One, March of the Machine, and March of the Machine: Aftermath) and earn a 1.2x points multiplier.

But that's not all! We love to mix things up with a special global effect, usually tied to the latest set, or other fascinating game twists. These changes keep gameplay fresh and often award bonus points.

Worried about leaving empty-handed? If you've paid the entry fee, you're guaranteed a minimum of 5 points (barring penalties for early mana accelerants or rage quitting). Opted to waive the entry with a purchase? You won't have a points guarantee, but can still rack up points during the game.

New players, we know it's a lot to take in. That's why we invite anyone interested to visit Curiosity for a full breakdown and introduction to our Commander Nights.

This Week's Commander Night Info

This week, we're diving into the aftermath of the Phyrexian saga. As the Multiverse adapts to its new state, we're introducing a global effect:

Echoes of the Aftermath: At the start of each player's upkeep, they look at the top two cards of their library, exile one face up, then put the other back. The exiled card symbolizes a discovered omenpath and can be played as if it were in the player's hand for the rest of the game.

New Special Points

Omenpath Pioneer:

Story: Make your mark on the Multiverse with your skill in discovering omenpaths.

Earn a Point: Play three or more exiled cards in a single turn. (Max 3 points)

Sparks Remembered:

Story: Honor the legacy of the fallen planeswalkers as they adapt to their new roles.

Earn a Point: Deal combat damage to an opponent with a creature that depicts a former planeswalker. (Max 3 points)

Dissipation of the Scourge:

Story: Show your mettle by confronting threats as formidable as the Phyrexians were.

Earn a Point: Destroy or exile a creature with power 5 or greater controlled by an opponent. (Max 3 points)

Join us for a night of thrilling battles, strategic play, and camaraderie. Curiosity's Commander Nights are waiting for you!

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