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Commander Nights 5/13/23 (Global Effects Return)

This Saturday's commander night has a few changes that I will outline below

1st: the negative points for instant speed conceding has been removed, and instead replaced with a blanket rule that if you do so you will receive no points for the game. Please continue to only concede on your own turn before taking any "game changing effects" in other words do not "blow up the bored and rage quit please".

2nd: Global themed effects return, these are weekly effects that effect everyone. This weeks will be "You may start the game with a battle in your command zone. You must control your main commander in order to cast your battle. Battles enter the battlefield with one fewer defense counter."

3rd: Special points changes; we have had a couple weeks with the current special points and to switch things up the special points for this week will be

Hatch a Plan -Transform a permanent. [Limit: 3 +1]

Trinket Collection - Control three or more differently named artifact tokens. [Limit: 1 +3]

You Can Duo It! - Cast a Legendary Creature card that names two different characters [Limit: 3 +1]

We look forward to seeing everyone this Saturday.

Never came to Commander Night?

Commander night is a weekly event geared at commander, entry is $5 (which can be waived with a qualifying purchase). If you pay the $5, you are guaranteed to walk away with 5 points minimum, if you waive the entry you do not get that guarantee. Points are awarded based on specific in-game actions that promote interactive and enjoyable game-play. By playing with a commander from a recent set (currently Phyrexia, and March) you get a 1.2 multiplier. Commander Nights are meant to be casual friendly, and are not meant to be competitive, with that being said Magic is by design a competitive game, so please bring your best attitude and remember that we are all here to have fun win or lose.

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