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Commander Nights 12/31/22 (A Special Holiday!)

Now that the holidays are over, Commander Night will return this weekend. And we have a special send off to 2022, so make sure to continue reading.

The effect:

You will receive a random promo pack (can be from The Brothers War, OR Dominaria United) a couple are foil packs. This will tie into the effect below.

The effect:

Holiday Promos!

Plane: Dominaria

{5}: Open your promo pack, and place the contents facedown. For the rest of the game, you may look at and play up to one of those cards per turn without paying it's mana cost, Activate this ability only once. (Timing restrictions still apply). If a card from your promo pack would go anywhere other than the battlefield, remove it from the game indefinitely, it cannot be played again. This ability can not be the target of spells or abilities.

Special Points

Santa Is Here: Play a card you own from your promo pack. (+2 limit 1)

We have an army: Attack with 5 or more Artifact OR Non-Artifact creatures (They must be either or) (+3 limit 1)

Tinkering Sabotage: Destroy and/or Sacrifice 10 or more artifacts in a single turn(+2 limit:1)

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