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Commander Nights 11/26 and Friday Night Brawl update.

Running a little behind with this post. As we continue through November with The Brothers War, this Saturday brings a new effect and new ways to earn points.

The effect:

Artifact creature spells cost {1} less to cast for each Artifact creature you control. This effect can’t reduce the mana in that cost to less than one mana.

Special Points

Assembly Line: Cast a spell with mana value 5 or greater using only mana from nonland sources. (+1 Limit:2)

Colossus: Control an artifact creature with total power and toughness equal to or greater than 20. (+3 Limit 1)

Relics of the Past: Control seven or more “retro frame” cards (+4 limit:1)

Friday Night Brawl Update:

The only change is how prize support is paid out. Due to the way we track sales in our pos, using gift cards has caused us some unforseen issues. To rectify the situation, we will use the point system instead. The biggest effect of this will be if you are not a ViP member you will need to use them before you leave. ViP members will be able to store them on their account.

I think that sums up the post, OH! And don't forget Black Friday is the ViP early access day for our Small Business Saturday sale! 30% off the base price on everything in the store! ViP membership is required and we will not be accepting new memberships day of.

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