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Changes to joint Core Membership accounts. (shared accounts)

Dear Curiosity Community,

We're always looking for ways to improve your experience with us, and we've made an exciting change to our membership accounts that we can't wait to share with you!

What's Changing? For some time now, we've allowed our valued members to add one additional family member to their membership account. While this has been a popular feature, we've encountered some logistical challenges with points and account tracking. To enhance our service, we're evolving how joint accounts operate.

New Individual Accounts for Family Members Starting February 28, 2024, any family member attached to your account will receive their own separate account. This means individual points, sales metrics, and the ability to track their own progress and eligibility for special offers.

Why the Change?

  • Personalized Experience: Each account holder can enjoy a tailored experience, with rewards and offers that match their unique preferences.

  • Fair Point Distribution: You'll have the initial opportunity to distribute points between accounts as you see fit, ensuring a fair start for both primary and secondary account holders.

  • Enhanced Privacy: Separate accounts mean individualized security and privacy for your activities and purchases.

What Do We Need From You? We'll need an updated email for both the primary account holder and the additional family member to ensure seamless communication. Don't worry if your account is one of the older ones missing this info—we'll reach out to get everything updated.

About Sales Metrics Tracking We track sales metrics for several reasons, including eligibility for premium memberships and access to limited-edition products. With the new changes, these metrics will be tracked separately for each account, providing a clearer picture of each member's engagement and eligibility for special offers, like the recent first dibs on Ravnica, Clue Edition for engaged members.

Interested in Upgrading? Based on their own metrics, secondary account holders now have the opportunity to upgrade to their own premium membership, enjoying all the benefits independently.

We understand that changes can raise questions, and we're here to address any you might have. Feel free to reach out for further clarification or assistance with your account.

Thank you for being a part of our community. We're excited to continue evolving and enhancing your experience with us!

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