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Card Trade-Ins Resume on 4/27/23 with New Guidelines.

We recently faced a few challenges that required us to pause our card trade-ins temporarily. These challenges included a backlog of trade-ins, complexities with the latest Magic the Gathering set, and my personal absence from the store for a few days. We appreciate your understanding during this time and are excited to announce that we'll be resuming card trade-ins on 4/27/23 with some new guidelines to streamline the process.

In the interest of transparency, we want to address the Magic the Gathering issue. The sheer number of card variations in the latest set made it feel like managing three different sets with five unique variants of each card. To address this, we're introducing a trade queue for large trade-ins.

Introducing the Trade Queue:

  1. You can provide a bag or box for your cards, but please ensure it is properly marked with your name and contact information. Alternatively, we can supply a team-bag for you to place your cards in.

  2. Please note that you cannot add or remove cards from your trade queue while it's being processed. However, you can choose to reclaim any cards you no longer wish to trade once we complete the evaluation.

Trade-In Processing Schedule: We will process trade-ins at the following times, in the order they are received:


1PM - 3PM

4PM - 6PM


1PM - 3PM

4PM - 6PM

Please note that these guidelines only apply to large trade-ins consisting of 10 or more cards. We will continue to accommodate smaller trade-ins immediately, whenever possible.

For those with extensive collections or multiple high-value cards (totaling $500+), we kindly request that you speak with us to arrange a meeting during our non-operating hours.

We're excited to continue serving our card trading community and appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we implement these new guidelines to enhance your trading experience.

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