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Buy 2 Get 1 up to $60 off sale!

Starting Tuesday, August 23rd (VIP membership Required August 23rd and August 24th) through August 25th (No membership required on August 25th) all items in the store will be get buy 2 get 1 up to $60 off.

Buy any two items and get 1 up to $60 off (The cheapest item will receive the discount, if the cheapest item is $60 or less it will be free)

Terms And Conditions

No Rain Checks, VIP early access August 23rd and 24th, open to everyone on August 25th. Curiosity reserves the right to change or cancel this sale at any time, price matching cannot be used in conjunction with sales. If multiple items are purchased together the cheapest items will receive the discount up to $60. In-store, in-stock only. Discount is only applied per item, if you purchase two $60 items, and one $1 item, the $1 item will be free, if you buy three $60 items, one will be free, if you buy one $100 item, one $200 item, and one $80 item, you will receive $60 off the $80 item. Again, DISCOUNT IS APPLIED TO THE CHEAPEST ITEMS ON THE ORDER.

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