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Big Changes to Our Friday & Saturday Night Events for 2024

Hello, Curiosity Gamers!

We've always believed that the heart of Curiosity Video Games & More is its incredible community of players. That's why we've taken your feedback seriously and are excited to announce some major updates to our Friday and Saturday night events for 2024. Let’s dive into what’s new and exciting!

🌟 Friday Night Magic (FNM) – A New Twist!

Starting at 6:30 PM every Friday, FNM is now absolutely FREE to join! Yes, you read that right - no entry fee! But for those who want a bit more, you can snag a random promo from our revered promo binder by spending $10+ on sealed Magic products. It’s our way of saying thank you for supporting the store.

🔥 Standard Showdown: Get ready! Starting in February, we're introducing a special weekly Standard event within FNM. We’re still hashing out the details with WOTC, but stay tuned - it's going to be epic!

🎉 Saturday Night Commander Nights – They’re Back!

Mark your calendars for January 13th because Saturday Night Commander Nights are making a grand return. For a $5 entry fee (or waived with a $10+ purchase in sealed Magic the Gathering product), enjoy a night of strategic fun. We’ve tweaked a few things to spice up the experience, so keep an eye out for a detailed post on what to expect!

✨ Disney Lorcana League – Continuing the Magic

Our Disney Lorcana League remains a Saturday staple. To ensure everyone gets a seat, we'll be holding a minimum of 6 seats until 7 PM exclusively for league players. Just like Commander Nights, entry will be $5 or waived with a $10+ purchase in sealed Disney Lorcana products. And yes, our league points system with those coveted promos and pins is here to stay!

Running late? Just give us a call, and we'll save you a seat.

🌊 The "One Piece" Puzzle

We’ve noticed the growing interest in the One Piece TCG. While we’re not officially hosting events yet, there’s a small but passionate community holding mini tournaments around 8 PM on Saturdays. We’re closely monitoring the game and its distribution challenges. Rest assured, if One Piece TCG proves its longevity into the new year, we’ll be ready to support it fully.

Your Voice Matters!

These changes are all about making your experience at Curiosity Games better and more enjoyable. We want to keep the dialogue open, so never hesitate to share your thoughts with us. After all, you help make Curiosity Video Games & More the unique and vibrant place it is.

Stay tuned for more updates, and as always, let's keep the dice rolling and the cards shuffling!

Happy Gaming,

Lance Nuckolls

Curiosity Video Games & More

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