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All Will Be One 80% trade in event

On Friday, February 3rd 2023 when you trade in any singles from sealed All Will Be One magic products bought from Curiosity with a market value of $15 or more towards the immediate purchase of any sealed All Will Be One product you will receive 80% of the current market value for those cards.

Terms and Conditions: Card singles must be opened in-store from sealed products purchased at Curiosity to qualify for this promotion. Cards brought from outside the store are not eligible, cards opened from sealed product that has been taken outside the store are not eligible for this promotion even if it came from Curiosity. Trade in que times may be high, please be understanding as we will try to accommodate everyone. Some portion of your trade in from this promotion must go to the immediate purchase of sealed All Will Be One product to be eligible for the boosted trade in. This promotion is available only while supplies last. Cards with a market value of less than $15 will be subject to Curiosity's normal trade in values. Curiosity will use near mint preorder market value prices to determine eligibility. Cards must be in near mint condition. Curiosity is not responsible for quality control issues from damaged products, print errors, or other quality issues that are the fault of Wizards of the Coast (please see Wizards of the Coast product replacement guidelines). Curiosity's judgment on final condition is rule of law and not up for debate. Curiosity reserves the right to change or end this promotion without prior warning at any time.

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