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UnCommander Nights October 1st 2022 - Truth or Dare

Our silver border (and soon to be acorn stamp) legal Commander Nights kick off one week prior to Unfinity's release, and we wanted to show off the first effect for the month. This is only for October, we return to normal in November.

There are two main things in addition to Un cards being legal in October that are in effect for the every UnCommander Night

  1. All Un planeswalkers are legal commanders.

  2. Once per night, you and another player may switch seats (you will not move your cards, you will just take over for each other) both players must agree to do this.

Remember, (almost) all un cards are legal for our Commander Nights in October, we will go over the banlist and general rules again one more time below but first let's talk about the Truth or Dare Mechanic.

Truth is pretty straightforward, but when it comes to Daring a player to do something there are some restrictions.

Dare Restrictions

Daring someone requires you to target an opponent, they must be a legal target.

The action you ask the opponent must be one simple and legal defined action such as “tap all of your lands” “attack with specific creatures” “block with specific creatures”.

You cannot dare someone to do something outside the game rules, you cannot dare someone to damage theirs or someone else’s property, you cannot dare someone to remove clothing, etc, etc. If it’s not something within the game of Magic the Gathering, you cannot dare them to do it.

And no, you can't dare them to concede (that's boring).

Please call a judge if you believe a dare falls outside of these parameters. We reserve the right to deny any dare on any grounds.

Bans and Restrictions

Not all, but probably most Un cards do not function within the comprehensive rules of magic, and when you play with Un cards among friends you just kind of wing it and have a laugh. However for our UnCommander Nights our judges have the final say on how a card functions, and this can and will unfortunately lead to some feels bad moments and/or some OH Really moments. Please respect our decisions even if you believe we are wrong. While we do not have the tike to go through every uncard we generally can tie most cards to a comprehensive rules explanation. If you choose to play overly complex cards and/or attempt off the wall combos and interactions it may lead to a delay in your game while we research precedence to ensure a card is played to its intended purpose within the framework of the comprehensive rules.

For starters some cards are just to much of a headache for us to allow and those cards are strictly banned from these events. Those cards are

Ashnod's Coupon

Collector Protector

Enter The Dungeon

R&D's Secret Lair

Richard Garfield P.h.D

Staying Power

The Countdown is at One

Tug of War

In addition to these ban cards some other general rules are as follows

Effects that would carry over into a different game will not be upheld because it's confusing and difficult to track. (Example: Double Deal)

Effects that refer to cards "Outside the Game" do not do anything in Commander (see official rule 10)

Effects that refer to players “Outside the Game” function, so long as it does not create an issue for the game. You must be able to quickly execute and play the card without causing too much of a disturbance. (Example: Defective Detective)

Effects that would put cards in a player's hand, library, or graveyard and they are not the owner of that card do not function (400.3. If an object would go to any library, graveyard, or hand other than its owner's, it goes to its owner's corresponding zone.)

You cannot take actions that could lead to damaging another player's cards.

That weird combo you think works because you saw it on reddit probably doesn't actually work the way you want it to.

You cannot force another player to do anything they don't want to outside the normal rules of Magic the Gathering.

Also, just in case for sake of argument card ownership cannot change.

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