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October Commander Nights and Un cards.

Unfinity will release on October 7th (barring any more delays), and with it the month of October is going to get very weird at Curiosity.

All silver border and acorn stamp cards will become legal for every commander night in October (except for the cards listed at the bottom in the banlist). We are aware some players do not like silver border cards, so we want to make sure we prepare everyone for what's coming. After October all Silver Border and Acorn stamp cards will return to being banned.

We hope that players can take this time to take a break from regular games and have some off hand fun with Magic's parody cards.

Banned Cards

Curiosity has reserved the right to ban cards that are played in our Commander Night events from the very start, up until now we have chosen to stick with the regular ban list. With the addition of Uncards in October we are adding some cards to our own banlist for varying reasons.


Ashnod's Coupon

Collector Protector

Enter The Dungeon

R&D's Secret Lair

Richard Garfield P.h.D

Staying Power

The Countdown is at One

*More cards may be added to this list as cards from Unfinity are spoiled.

Other Important Information

Rulings: Curiosity will make all rulings on Un-Cards, and what we say goes. We have the final word on if a card does or does not do what you think it should or should not do. Below are a few rulings that we have already set in stone.

Effects that would carry over into a different game will not be upheld because it's confusing and difficult to track. (Example: Double Deal)

Effects that refer to cards "Outside the game" do not do anything in Commander (see official rule 10)

Effects that refer to players “Outside the game” function, so long as it does not create an issue for the game. You must be able to quickly execute and play the card without causing too much of a disturbance. (Example: Defective Detective)

Effects that would put cards in a player's hand, library, or graveyard and they are not the owner of that card do not function (400.3. If an object would go to any library, graveyard, or hand other than its owner's, it goes to its owner's corresponding zone.)

Also, for sake of argument card ownership cannot change under any circumstance.

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