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General Magic the Gathering update for October and November.

Whew! With the awesome Warhammer and Unfinity Launch behind us, we're hot on the heels of The Brothers' War which is sure to shake up both our Saturday Commander Nights and weekly Friday Night Brawl events.

Friday Night Magic Promo Changes

Starting on October 14th, our surplus promos will be moving away from the pick one way we've been doing it. We've ran into an issue where people target specific promos over others, and those who get to the "book of promos" first have an unfair advantage over others. To curb this our promos are now what we call "Reverse Side Promos". They will be handed out randomly in a sleeve with only the back side showing. All players that participate in our free Friday Night Magic event OR weekly Brawl event will receive a random surplus promo so long as we have them.

In addition to our surplus promos, some Secret Lair cards will be able to be randomly got within as Reverse Side Promos as well.

All promos are shuffled and randomly handed out. No specificpromo nor Secret Lair product is guaranteed to be present, as we are limited by what we currently have. No purchase is necessary to receive a random promo, only that your present and logged into eventlink.

UnCommander Nights

As you should know Un-Cards will continue to be legal for the month of October for Commander Nights, and using a Commander from Warhammer, Unfinity(UnPlaneswalkers allowed), or Dominaria United will net you a 1.5 multiplier in points earned. We have tons of great effects planned throughout the month, so make sure to make the most of Unfinity during the month of October.

What about after October?

Starting in November Commander Nights will return to normal, mostly. We are dedicating the last (or at least usually the last depending on any schedule conflicts) Commander Night of every month as UnCommander Night. While the final rules of these nights aren't completely finished, these nights will be (obviously) Un-Card legal. One change from October however will be made that we do know of, and we wanted to make everyone aware of so there was no confusion. This is for after October, these changes DO not effect our October UnCommander Nights. The temporary rule to allow Un-Planeswalkers as commanders will no longer be allowed. If you want to use an UnCommander it must be a Legendary Creature.

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