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Flesh and Blood Wednesdays (Armory Update)

Starting in September, we are returning to 4 armory events a month for Flesh and Blood at the request of LSS. They will run on Wednesdays at 1:30 PM.

We will continue to run prereleases on the weekend, but Armory events will be on Wednesdays. They will continue to have a $10 entry or free with the purchase of $10+ ($8.50 for V.I.P members) and will continue to be an open play session (non-constructed), meaning just show up and enjoy playing with other Flesh and Blood players. We will continue to teach the rules to anyone interested as well since these events are meant to be new player and casual friendly.

Promos will continue being given out randomly (to players who have not yet won one), with playmats being given out randomly at the end of each month to players who attended all events.

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