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Disney Lorcana League: Into the Inklands changes.

Starting March 2nd 2024 at 6:30PM Season 3 of our Disney Lorcana League will kickoff and starting with this season we are changing how points are accumulated. In prior seasons Lorcana League points were their own thing, tracked by letting a staff member know if you had completed certain tasks. Starting with season 3, each player will be provided with their own sheet for tracking nightly points as well as special season points. You may view this near the bottom of this post.

Points earned will be for both your League Points as well as actual spendable points in the store (1 point = $1), and don't worry spending your points does not detract from the points for league. If you have a membership with us you can store your points, otherwise you have to spend them the night of.

This seasons rewards

See you every Saturday at 6:30PM!

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