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Commander Nights Planechase

Instead of always coming with a new effect every week, we are moving commander Nights to Planechase. If you have no idea what that means I will give a quick explanation, but we will explain in more detail before we start.

Every table will be distributed one planechase deck, and a planar die,

At the beginning of the game (after mulligans have been taken), the starting player turns the top card of the planar deck face up and its effects become present in the game. There will always be exactly one plane card face up in the command zone. At the beginning of each player's turn, that player gains control of the plane card in the command zone and is known as the planar controller. Any time a player could cast a sorcery, they may roll the planar die. This die has four blank sides which have no effect. One side has the planeswalker symbol on it. When the planeswalker symbol is rolled, the planar controller puts the active plane or phenomenon card at the bottom of its the planar deck. Then the player who rolled the planeswalker symbol turns the top card of the planar deck face up. This process is known as the planeswalking ability. The final side of the planar die shows the chaos symbol which triggers the chaos ability of the active plane card. The chaos ability then goes on the stack and the active player gets priority. Rolling the planar die costs an amount of mana equal to the number of times the player taking that action has done so that turn. For example, the first die roll costs {0}, the second costs {1}, and so on.

Special Points for this week.

Look Ma, No Hand - Be the first player to have no cards in hand. (+3 Limit 1 to 1 person)

Tearing Down the Wall - Kill a creature with 8 or higher toughness with combat damage (+1 limit: 3)

Blackjack – Control two creatures whose total power is exactly 21. (+3 limit: 1)

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