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Commander Nights October 22nd

It's been an odd week, apologies for this getting posted day of.

Tonight's Commander Night effect is

"All permanents in play have all activated abilities of all other permanents in play that share a card type and aren't controlled by the same player, use each of these abilities only once a turn"

While this is long winded, it's not as complex as it looks. Cards Only share activated abilities, not triggered or otherwise. If you see something on someone else's board that you want to activate and happen to have a card in play that shares a type you can use yours to activate it once per turn.

Special Ponts

Come Right Up! Claim a prize from an Attraction (+3, Limit 1)

Final Frontier: Cast a spell depicting space (+1, Limit: 3)

Only War: Use the Cascade, Unearth, Squad, or Ravenous mechanic. (+1, Limit 3)

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