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Brothers' War and Prerelease Info

The Brothers' War Prerelease Bundle deals explained. These are available if you preorder starting Tuesday November 8th through Thursday November 10th while supplies and Prerelease spots remain if applicable.

Those that pre-ordered just a set box can upgrade to any of these if they wish. All items will be available for pickup on Friday. (Except Prerelease kits that will be given out during the event)

Super Bundle Includes 1x Set Booster Box, 1x Commander Deck, and 3x Individual Collector Booster Packs. Non V.i.P members: $319.99, V.i.P members: $269.99

Collector Bundle includes 3x Set Booster Boxes, 3x Individual Collector Booster Packs. Non V.i.P members: $599.99, V.i.P members: $499.99

Prerelease Event deal; we have a total of three Prerelease events. Regular 1v1 on Friday(limit 24), 2 headed giant on Saturday(limit 16), and a take home Prerelease(limit 20).

To participate in any of these events, you must register for it through the Companion app.

Prerelease events are $30. If you sign up for 2 you will save $10, sign up for 3 you will save $15. Prizing for Prerelease events is dependent on entrants, but we try our best to make sure all entrants get atleast one extra Booster Pack at the end of the night and scale it upwards towards the top players.

Buy-a-Box shortage: Buy-a-box promos had a production error, this means they are limited to one per person and will only be given to the first 12 people that preorder a box.

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